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Collections in this service

Name Type Description
Observations feature My cool observations
Large Lakes feature lakes of the world, public domain
Countries in the world (SpatialLite Provider) feature Countries of the world (SpatialLite)
Dutch Georef Stations via OGR WFS feature Locations of RD/GNSS-reference stations from Dutch Kadaster PDOK a.k.a RDInfo. Uses MapServer WFS v2 backend via OGRProvider.
Cities in Utah via OGR WFS feature Data from the state of Utah. Standard demo dataset from the deegree WFS server that is used as backend WFS.
Unesco POIs in Italy via OGR WFS feature Unesco Points of Interest in Italy. Using GeoSolutions GeoServer WFS demo-server as backend WFS.
Portuguese Points of Interest via OGR GPKG feature Portuguese Points of Interest obtained from OpenStreetMap. Dataset includes Madeira and Azores islands. Uses GeoPackage backend via OGR provider.
Large Lakes OGR GeoJSON Driver feature lakes of the world, public domain
Dutch addresses (subset Otterlo). OGR SQLite Driver feature Dutch addresses subset.
Dutch addresses (subset Otterlo). OGR GeoPackage Driver feature Dutch addresses subset.
Shops and Products feature SEARCH & FIND & SHARE where to get ingredients in local shops
IVAucher Gas Stations feature SEARCH & FIND gas stations that subscribed to the IVAucher program